BAFTA's: Style Stars and Fashion Fails!

12 May 2015

I always find award shows an exciting time. I love seeing some of my favourite celeb's all glammed up and today I thought I'd share with you who I thought were 'style stars' and who had a 'fashion fail'.

Starting off with the fails:

1. I don't actually understand how the bottom half of the dress is staying on, it just doesn't make sense!

2. It's killing me that I'm having to put Michelle Keegan in the fashion fails section but those creases... *cringes*

3. Apparently Claudia went as a Darlek?

4. I don't understand the disc on the back, why would that ever seem like a good idea?!

And now, the style stars!

1. Lucy Meck always looks stunning and Sunday night was no exception. That dress is to die for!

2. I adore the edgy look of this outfit with it being softened by the light colours.

3. Brooke Vincent pulls off the simple yet classy look. You can never go wrong with all black in my opinion.

4. Tamsin Greig is one of my favourite actresses, I loved her in Episodes, and I love how she's gone for a more casual look with the trench coat.

5. Rochelle stole the show in my eyes. It was a risky outfit but it was definitely a risk worth taking, she looks incredible!

Who's outfit did you love (or hate) at this year's BAFTAs? Let me know in the comments!

Lucy x

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