27 February 2016

Time To Relax

My posts have been a little irregular lately and that's mainly down to uni work and a lot of things happening within a very short amount of time meaning I have been feeling a bit stressed to say the least! This is why today I have decided to share my tips on how I relax when I've got a lot going on and hopefully it will be helpful to some of you.

1. Have A Cup of Tea.

I find that having a cup of tea (or hot chocolate if I'm going all out) can really help me wind down if I'm feeling stressed out. I find comfort in sitting down with a good cuppa and they actually give hot chocolate out in the army when they're out training to help raise spirits, so if that's not proof that a hot drink can lift your mood then I don't know what is!

2. Skinny Jeans Off, Joggers On.

I don't know about you but the first thing I do when I get in is peel off my skinny jeans and throw on some pyjama bottoms or joggers. My fave pair of joggers are from Jack Wills, they make the comfiest loungewear!

3. Pamper Time.

When I'm feeling run down something that makes me feel 10x worse is feeling bad about my appearance, so I think that taking the time on a night to put on a face mask or paint your nails is nice to give you a little boost of confidence.

4. Light Some Candles.

Lighting your favourite candle and letting the scent fill your room is definitely a good mood booster, especially if you pick out some calming scents. I normally like to go for a fresh or floral scent in candles, nothing too overpowering and something light.

5. Run Yourself A Bath.

Having a bath is one of my favourite things to do when I've had a bad day or I just need to take some time to unwind and have some chill time and, of course, the best kind of baths are LUSH baths! I love that LUSH use ingredients and scents that are specifically picked out for having calming or mood-boosting effects. Some of my favourites are the Blackberry bath bomb, the Yoga bomb, the Karma bubble bar and the Comforter bubble bar.

6. Watch a Movie/Youtube Videos.

This last one is something that, being a Media student, I instantly turn to when I'm feeling down or stressed. One of the reasons why I took Media is because I love that movies or videos can be a short escape from reality, and if you pick a feel-good movie or a comedy then you're almost guaranteed to be feeling better by the time the credits roll. My top picks are Clueless, Easy A, Cheaper by the Dozen, Grown Ups, any Disney movie and even, a guilty pleasure of mine, musicals. I love the recent remake of Annie, High School Musical (obviously!) and I even watched Camp Rock the other day and found myself feeling better from jamming along to the songs. With Youtube videos it doesn't really matter so much what genre, just as long as it's something you enjoy watching. I like to watch beauty videos, baking videos and the SacconeJoly's.

So those are a few things I do to relax, what about you? What's your favourite thing to do to unwind? I'd love to hear in the comments!

Lucy x

12 February 2016

Collaboration | Coconut Lane

I'm very excited to be getting this post up today for two reasons, 1) because I've been dying to write this post up for weeks but Uni work meant that I had to push it aside and 2) because I'm so excited to show you all my latest collaboration with Coconut Lane!

(Psst, keep reading until the end for an exclusive discount code!)

If you don't know who Coconut Lane are then they sell wall art, greeting cards, phone cases/covers and lots of pretty jewellery. They are known for their funny slogans and totally instagram-able stock.

I had a lot of things on my wish list but in the end I decided to treat myself to these fab items:

1. 'The Bags Under My Eyes Are PRADA' wall art.

I love this wall art slogan. If you're like me and your eyes are looking a little bit tired from Uni/work, then this is perfect to stick up on your wall to make you feel a little better! You even have the option to have it framed or not, but I think getting it framed is totally worth it as it just makes it look so much nicer!

2. The 'Cara' and 'Kendall + Kylie' greeting cards.

Not only are these slogans brilliant, these greeting cards are great to send to one of your besties this Valentine's day if you don't have a Valentine, or if you are looking for an alternative card for your loved one.

3. The layered 'Moon & Star Necklace'.

I love a cute necklace to add a little something to an everyday outfit, and as soon as I saw this Moon & Star necklace it went straight in my basket! (anyone else read that in the accent?) 

4. The 'Arrow Ring' in rose gold.

I've recently grown a huge obsession for rose gold. I just love how it goes with gold or silver so you can mix and match, and that it's switching it up from the usual silver or gold pieces. So this is why when I got the arrow ring, I opted for the lovely rose gold option. Another thing I love about this ring is that you can bend it so you can wear it on any finger, even your thumb.

And now getting on to the discount code, as promised. Coconut Lane have given me an exclusive discount code to give to all of my readers which will get you 20% off any purchases. All you have to do is head over to their website - http://www.coconut-lane.com/ - and enter 'justlucyslife20' at checkout!

What was your favourite piece in this blog post? Has it tempted you to treat yourself to some Coconut Lane goodies? Let me know in the comments!

Lucy x

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