A Love Affair With New York...

17 March 2015

So here I am, laid on my bed with my hair up in a messy bun and no make up on, and I've just finished watching the series Gossip Girl on Netflix for the second time. And, even though to some people it might just be another tween series, for those of you who have watched it I'm sure you'll agree with me that it really is brilliantly done and it has left me feeling inspired.

In the last episode of Gossip Girl they explain how they wanted the show to truly be a love affair with New York, and that's exactly what it was.

Around this time last year I was fortunate enough to visit 'the big apple' itself, funded by my most favourite person, my Grandad, and it was definitely a memory to last a lifetime.

There's something about New York that you can only truly understand if you have actually been there. There's a different smell in the air, and the atmosphere is indescribable; it makes you feel like you've been thrown in at the deep end but it's welcoming at the same time, you want to explore everything it has to offer, and it's somewhere where dreams really can come true and the world is your oyster and more.

Being as enthusiastic about the Film and TV industry as I am, I can honestly say that New York truly is like it is in the movies. The streets that are constantly filled by a flow of yellow cabs (with the odd black limo thrown in there), the classic New York cafe's that serve so much good food you will pretty much be satisfied for the day, the business men walking the streets in full suits and carrying briefcases on a day to day basis, how I looked out the window at about 4am and there was still plenty going on proving that the city really never sleeps, the fact that everything is bigger and better yet there are so many of the smaller things to appreciate, it's incredible. There are no words to do it justice yet so many at the same time.

Personally, one of my favourite parts of my trip was Central Park. I could've spent hours there. It's so relaxing and has such a sense of freedom, and is also a nice escape from the busy city although it is technically part of it. I wish I had time to rent a bike or a pair of rollerblades and gone on a circuit of the park as it looked so fun.

Here are some photos from my time there:

Not the best photo but I took this in Planet Hollywood. Best restaurant ever, best burger ever!

I still can't believe I can say that I've seen a show in New York on broadway, but I have! We went to see Matilda and I loved it.

No explanation needed, I just had to.

Times Square at night is just something else!

The 9/11 memorial.

The fountain in Central Park. (I've also just realised that the plaque by my feet says Lucy on it, weird)

Here I am expecting Chuck Bass to get out of the car behind me at any moment.

The Brooklyn Bridge!

And finally, the top of the Rockafella. It was honestly breathtaking.

So it's a little late (I went in May 2014) but there's a glimpse of my amazing and memorable time in New York.

Have you ever been to New York? Or do you love Gossip Girl too? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments :)

Lucy x


  1. New York is my favourite place in the entire world!


    1. I can't believe this time last year I was there, I would love to go back!