5 Seconds of Summer - Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour in Newcastle!

3 June 2015

I haven't been to a concert in quite a while, which anyone who knows me well knows is a rare occasion, but tonight sure did remind me how much I've missed this feeling!

Tonight I went to see 5 Seconds of Summer at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle with my friend Grace and I now remember why I prefer listening to live versions of their songs more than the studio versions!

5sos put on a show so good that my ears are now ringing and I'm losing my voice, but in my opinion that's how you know you've done a concert right. Not only can the boys sing well live, but the way they play their instruments is insane. Just watching them made me want to pick my guitar back up and do what they were doing.

For me, 5sos were 'that' band. The band where you don't just fall in love with their music, you love them as people too. They're the type of guys that you want to be your best friends and I love that they're bringing heavier music back into the mainstream charts.

The atmosphere was incredible; the crowd was insanely loud, whenever any of the guys stopped singing there was no pause as the crowd was already carrying on at the top of their voices, everyone was jumping, clapping and doing the famous trademark of the rock 'horns' hand gesture.

I got a T-shirt and a programme, I just couldn't help myself.

I would definitely go and see 5 Seconds of Summer again in a heartbeat, and if you get the chance and just want to have a good time and let your hair down then get yourself to one of their shows. I promise you won't regret it.

I'll be going to sleep tonight still buzzing from the show and watching the videos I managed to take.

Lucy x

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