My Time at Center Parcs - Whinfell Forest!

14 June 2015

This post is a little late as I got ill in the middle of writing it (bed ridden on my 19th birthday, good times!), so it's been sitting in my drafts for a few weeks, but I've finally gotten round to finishing it!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll of seen me posting some pretty pictures from my time at Center Parcs. I went with my Dad and brother and we stayed for a bank holiday weekend.

This was my first time at Center Parcs and I have to say that I loved it! I had a slight idea of what to expect, I thought it was going to be quite action-packed and tiring but I actually found it to be a very relaxing environment.

The Lodge we stayed in.

There was some stunning views and it was just a very calming atmosphere, which I loved.


Because the site is so big it's best to rent a bike (or bring your own) to get about.

This totally wasn't posed...

Some of the many activities that we chose to do included quad biking, swimming and ten pin bowling. My favourite was the quad biking, I was a little nervous at first but within about 5 minutes I was loving it and wanted to go all day!

Before quad biking (#OOTD)
Ok.. here's an actual outfit of the day!

I thought this was a genius idea, big pipe thing on a hand dryer meaning free hair dryer!

And I can't forget to mention the food! There was a huge plaza full of places to eat (american grill, italian, pancake house etc). I wanted to go to the pancake house so badly as it looked AMAZING, but sadly we ran out of time and missed it. However, 'Huck's American Bar & Grill' more than made up for it. I opted for the classic choice of a burger and chips but let me tell you, it was a good choice.

All in all I loved my time at 'Center Parcs Whinfell Forest' and I hope that I get the chance to go again.

Lucy x

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  1. Omg that place is so beautiful! I would love to adventure out here!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. It's absolutely gorgeous and such a relaxing place! Xx

  2. Love this place! We always go for a family trip together when my me and my brothers are back from uni xo

    1. Aw that sounds lovely! I would love to go back again xx