Why Taylor Swift is my Role Model... And Why She Should Be Yours

3 July 2015

So if you read last week's post then you'll know that I recently went to see Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour in Manchester and had the time of my life. I've always loved Taylor's music but since seeing her live I've quickly grown to admire her as a person and role model. I think it's fair to say that, after listening to her album everyday since the tour, I've officially converted into a swiftie! And as promised, here's my post on why I think she's an amazing role model to me and many others.

1. She's a Feminist!! She encourages women to be strong, to speak their mind and to love themselves as they are.

2. She knows she has a big voice and she uses it (and I'm not just talking about her singing). In interviews, talk shows, tours, on social media etc. she is always sending out positive messages which is admirable considering her demographic is mainly teenage girls and teenage girls are very impressionable.

3. She is constantly trying to make a change - just last week she wrote a letter to Apple via her Tumblr page telling them that they shouldn't expect artists to hand them their music without getting paid and guess what? Artists will now get paid to have their music streamed on Apple Music.

4. Her 1989 show is full of positive, empowering and comforting messages. Manchester Arena holds 15,000 people so that night she told everyone at her sold out show that they should love themselves, be who they are, not let guys mistreat them and that it's better to have fun than to look cool, and that's just a few. You never know, to some people that may of been just what they needed to hear.

5. She has recently been named being in the 'richest couple' with her current boyfriend Calvin Harris, but she's not keeping all of that money to herself. She donates to charity a lot and doesn't make a huge deal out of it, showing how modest she is. Last month she donated $15,000 to a firefighter who saved his own family's life to cover their medical bills.

I could go on but those are the main reasons why I admire Taylor Swift and now see her as one of my main role models.

Lucy x

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  1. Loved this post, well said xoxo