Happy 1st Birthday Blog!

11 November 2015

So, Just Lucy's Life (which originally started out as ohheyitsjustlucy) has officially been up and running for 1 whole year now, Happy Birthday to me!

I can't believe I've actually stuck to (quite) regular posts for over a year now, I'm normally the type of person to start a hobby with the best intentions but then never really carry through. However, I haven't lost my love for blogging yet, if anything it's just got stronger!

So I thought since my first post was 15 facts about me, which you can check out here, this time I'd do 25 facts about me. You lucky things! So here goes, I hope you enjoy finding out a little bit more about me.

1. My favourite season is Autumn. Cosy clothes, hot chocolate, colourful leaves, beanie hats... yes please!

2. I LOVE Australian accents. They swear and it still sounds beautiful.

3. I've watched all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl 3 times, and the 4th is probably coming in the near future. Chair is everything!

4. My holy grail foundation is Revlon's Colourstay, I've been wearing it for about 4 years now.

5. I prefer a rainy day to a sunny one, typically British I know!

6. I've outraged some people when I've said this before but I prefer the Two and a Half Men episodes with Ashton Kutcher in rather than Charlie Sheen, 'cause ya know... Ashton Kutcher.

7. I have 1 and a half sugars in my tea, I've cut down from 3 but I think that's as far as I'm going to get.

8. Hollister, Jack Wills and Topshop are my favourite shops. Hollister do THE nicest body sprays.

9. I've had a major crush on Dougie Poynter since I was about 8 years old and it's still going strong!

10. Concerts are my happy place, I love the atmosphere and I love having them to look forward to.

11. I get way too over excited when the festive Costa drinks come out, my favourite is the gingerbread latte.

12. I'm currently doing a degree in Media Production and I'm really enjoying it so far.

13. I've had a love for all things Media since I did it for A Level. Here's to you, Mr Matthews!

14. I could eat a 'To Share' bag of Maltesers to myself in about 10 minutes flat.

15. My favourite band is All Time Low, their music has helped me in some of the darkest of times. I love their lyrics, their sound and I just don't think I'll ever get sick of listening to them.

16. My favourite city is New York. I went there last year and have been longing to go back ever since.

17. Even though I don't really go that much, I love the Theatre.

18. I don't really know exactly what job I want to do when I'm older, all I know is that I want a job that will always bring me new and exciting opportunities, not the same thing every day.

19. If I could be anyone for the day I'd be Ariana Grande, she's beautiful and I wouldn't stop singing.

20. 2 of my closest friends live about 300 miles away from me, and it sucks. A lot.

21. Some of my favourite Youtubers include Tyler Oakley, Zoella, Tanya Burr, Andrea Russett, Bethany Mota, Lauren Curtis and Freddy My Love.

22. I'm a cat person. (As in I prefer cats to dogs, not that I'm half human half cat)

23. My favourite type of cake is Red Velvet.

24. I have a tattoo of a star on my ribcage. I got it for my Grandad Brian.

25. Two things I will never get bored of watching is Friends and Clueless. What can I say, I love all things 90s!

So there's 25 facts about me. I've met some amazing people during this last year, those being from brands and fellow bloggers, and I've actually made a few friendships from this which is lovely! Thank you to those of you who already read my blog and I hope that Just Lucy's Life will continue to grow!

Lucy x

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  1. Happy Blog Birthday!! Loved learning more about you and, oh yes, Chair will always be everything!!!
    P.s that cupcake looks delicious!

    Jamie xx

  2. Happy blog birthday!! Xx