The Opening of Songbird Bakery

1 May 2016

On Friday I was invited down to a new addition on Bedford street in Middlesbrough, Songbird Bakery, to see the shop and try out their cakes before their grand opening the next day.

After following them on Instagram for a while now, and my mouth watering or my eyes popping out in amazement every time a post of theirs came up on my feed, I was more than excited to head down to the shop and try the cakes out for myself.

Even though I've been ill with Tonsillitis, I'm so glad I went. I almost forgot there was anything wrong with me as the conversation started to flow and before we knew it we were all talking like we'd been friends for ages, let alone just met.

After a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly and a chat with the owners, it was time for cake.

There was so many tempting options which included, mint chocolate, chocolate, lemon meringue, jaffa cake and strawberry milkshake, but I opted for caramel as I'm a sucker for anything to do with caramel.

After digging in to a few bites of the delicious cupcake, in the middle underneath the super yummy caramel flavoured icing, I discovered there was salted caramel sauce inside, YUM!

The owners, Shelley and Claire, explained that their aim for Songbird Bakery was for it to be a welcoming and relaxing environment for people of all ages to sit down and enjoy some delicious cake in. They also said that they have been inspired by the cute, independent bakery's that you would find as hidden treasures in the big cities such as London. I think they've definitely achieved this feel with the rustic interior with a brick feature wall and hints of their trademark colour of teal blue throughout the shop.

We were also lucky enough to walk away with a goodie bag with 2 cupcakes, a vanilla one and then a flavour of our choice to which I chose strawberry milkshake, mostly because it looked cute! Shelley and Claire also kindly let me take an extra one home for my brother, so I chose the chocolate one for him.

The shop is now open and had such a successful opening day that they ran out of cakes! So if you can, I'd definitely recommend that you get yourself down to Songbird Bakery. I think it's a fab addition to Bedford street.

You can also find them on Twitter @SongbirdBakery1 and Instagram @songbird_bakery.

Thanks again to Beth for organising such a lovely event, Shelley and Claire for being such friendly hosts and it was lovely to meet/catch up with blogger babes Emily, Caroline, Sami and Kirsty.

Lucy x

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  1. Fab post - was lovely to meet you and the other girls.
    Looking forward to more blogger events :)

    Kirsty xo.

    1. Thanks lovely, was fab to meet you too! X

  2. Aww such a good post, the photos are stunning! Hopefully see you again soon :) xxx

    Beth | Polishedcouture

    1. Thank you so much Beth! Guess my iPhone didn't do too badly haha! Yeah definitely see you soon xxx

  3. Ah this bakery looks so good! There's literally nothing I love more than baked goods, haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode