Why I Won't Be Repurchasing Vita Liberata's Nkd Skn Tan...

11 July 2016

Today's post is going to be something that Just Lucy's Life has never seen before, up until now, and that's a negative review.

I try to keep my blog quite a positive space on the internet as it is, no doubt, a source of positivity for me, but I'm so disappointed in this product and I always want to be honest with my readers, so I decided that I had to share.

I had such high hopes for the Nkd Skn tan from Vita Liberata. I'd heard good reviews from other bloggers and it was at a similar price point to St.Tropez, so I decided for that price it must be at a standard worth splashing the cash out on.... but no. Turns out that the £15.99 I spent on this tan would have been much better off being spent feeding my make up addiction...or feeding myself.

This tan states on the box to be a 'super fast mousse' in which you can apply, leave on for an hour, and then wash off to develop for a few further hours into a gorgeous tan.

I decided to get the medium shade instead of dark as I have such fair skin that I didn't want anything too dramatic. The fact that it was the medium shade I tried out may be a factor to the result, but I know what you're all thinking. 'Oh, the shade can't have been dark enough for her'... Nope! Because I actually think that I ended up even paler after using this tan than I was before.

After trying it the first time, I followed the instructions; exfoliated, no moisturiser etc, but when I got in the shower I looked at my arm and could see the water instantly melting away any sign of tan to reveal my usual pale complexion. I thought it was strange, but thought I'll see how it goes as it could develop into a bit of colour over night. However, when I woke up the next day, it was like no tan had ever been applied!

I was shocked, but decided to give it another go the following weekend in preparation for a night out. This time I used 2 coats, I followed the instructions as I did the last time, and the same thing happened again! Not only was it annoying that I had wasted my time applying this tan, but it also then left me in a rush having to apply some instant tan before my night out.

So after this bad experience I can definitely say that I won't be repurchasing the Nkd Skn tan again, it's always a shame when things you have high hopes for don't turn out how you wanted!

What about you? Have you ever tried this tan? If so, what was your experience with it? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Lucy x

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  1. Can't believe how bad this tan is! I love my Vita Liberata stuff but this sounds shocking, basically putting product on to just wash it off - what a shame! xx

    Beth | Polishedcouture.wordpress.com

    1. I know! I've heard of quite a few people loving the brand as well, it is a shame! Xx

  2. wow, I have never heard of it to be honest, but well done you on the honest review, more people should take that approach xx

    1. Aw thank you so much lovely! I always want to keep this blog honest Xx