Anastasia Berverly Hills | Master Palette by Mario

14 October 2016

When I'm feeling a little bit down in the dumps one of the best ways to cheer myself up is to buy new make up (anyone else?!), and two weeks ago when I said goodbye to my boyfriend for the next 4 months, that's exactly what I did with the new Master Palette by Mario from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I think it's fair to say it definitely did the trick!

This is one of the most highly anticipated eyeshadow palette's I've heard of in a while, and although it is an absolutely stunning palette, it's also because it was designed by celebrity make up artist Mario Dedivanovic aka @makeupbymario on Instagram. Mario's most common client is non other than Kim Kardashian herself and the palette was apparently designed with her in mind, so it's no wonder it sold out!

Let me tell you it was hard to hold off swatching this dreamy palette when it arrived and wait until I'd taken pictures, but when I'd finally got the pictures I decided to put it to the test before a night out last weekend, and the verdict? I. LOVE. THIS. PALETTE.

It comes with a mirror and double ended brush inside, and the colours are super pigmented, it's probably the most pigmented palette I own now! There's a great range between colours, neutrals, metallics and mattes and I can see this becoming my go-to before any night out or special occasion now (although I don't think it will overtake my much loved Bon Bons palette from Too Faced).

The shades blended so easily and I think it would work well for most skin tones. Although I'm quite pale, the darker shades still work well for me. I also love that there's enough variation of colours to create a light look or a really heavy smokey eye, so it's a fab option if you're going away or like to change up your look depending on your mood.

I got this dream of a palette straight from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and it was priced at $45 (£36 for me). I thought this was a pretty reasonable price as you definitely pay for good quality with this palette and although it sold out on the ABH website, I think it's now available on the likes of Sephora. This was also my first time ordering from ABH and I'm really impressed, it took just about a week to arrive and I didn't get any custom charges!

Overall, I'm over the moon with this new addition to my eyeshadow palette collection and I'm sure I'll be getting more than my money's worth out of it. What about you? Have any of you tried this palette? If so, what did you think of it? As always I'd love to have a chat with you in the comments!

Lucy x


  1. I am so jealous! This palette looks beautiful especially the shimmery shades, I will have to add it to my wishlist!
    Grace xx

  2. Looks like a gorgeous palette, and perfect for autumn!
    JH |

    1. It is lovely! And definitely good for Autumn with all the brown and golden shades X

  3. It looks awesome, I think those shades would be great for my skin colour =)

  4. Aww this sounds so good! Gutted its sold out I may have treated myself to it. Looking forward to seeing the eye looks you do with it :) xx

    Beth |