Winter Handbag Essentials | Blogmas Day 5

5 December 2016

Today's post is the first one out of my Blogmas posts that isn't necessarily Christmassy, but it features some festive products, so that's good enough for me! As opposed to Summer, in the winter I find myself with a few more things in my bag that I just can't leave the house without.

As you can see, there's 3 lip products in my bag. A Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Bitch Perfect because it's my go to nude, a Baby Lips lip balm in Chai Tea Latte to keep my lips moisturised while still adding a pop of colour and a matte lipstick from Rimmel London in the shade Trendsetter, as I've been absolutely loving matte brown tones on my lips in the past few months and I also think that winter is the perfect time for more heavy coloured matte shades.

I also have 2 more make up essentials which are the Anti-Age Eraser Eye from Maybelline for any emergency cover ups or to give my eyes a bit of life after an early morning throughout the day, and a tube of Maybelline's Lash Sensational mascara. I carry the mascara as that's always the last part of my make up routine, so if I'm in a rush on a morning after hitting snooze too many times (oopsie!) then I'll just do my mascara at the train station before Uni.

Along with the make up essentials I have 2 hand products -  Soap & Glory's Hand Maid hand cleansing gel and a tube of Hungry Hands hand cream from Zoella's lifestyle range. I normally always have a hand sanitizer in my bag with using public transport so much, but especially this time of year when all the nasty winter bugs are floating about as I have the worst immune system ever. I also find that my hands need more looking after in the winter with them getting dry so this gingerbread scented hand cream has been working an absolute treat - and it also smells like a treat! Yum.

Moving on to the non-beauty items I have a hair clip incase my hair starts to annoy me and get in my face throughout the day (most days!), my notebook incase any blog ideas spring to mind while I'm on the go and a pair of headphones so I can listen to music on my commute to and from Uni to make it a bit more bearable, or I'll even catch up on Vlogmas.

Those are my essentials to carry about in my handbag in the Winter, what about you? What is something you can't leave the house without this time of year? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to have a chat!

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  1. Hand Cream is a must! I always carry one on me, Winter is especially sharp on my hands, as I have terrible dry skin. During the Winter months it seems to get worst!

    1. Yeah hand cream is definitely a bag staple for me in Winter! X

  2. Love this phone case in the picture - so beautiful.