Mac Duo: Mehr and Soar

15 February 2017

If you follow me on social media then you'll know that I recently somehow managed to bag myself a new job at House of Fraser (oh heyyy there, staff discount!) and it's pretty hard to walk past a Mac counter every week without being tempted! So I decided to treat myself to a new duo of Mehr and Soar

If you're a beauty lover like me then you've probably already heard of these shades as they are hugely popular among beauty junkies, including Kylie Jenner apparently! I was looking just to get Soar as I needed to expand my lip liner collection (when I say expand I mean have more than just Mac's Whirl and a Rimmel London one!) and was thinking it would be great to put with a Mac lippie fave of mine, Brave. Although Soar pairs lovely with Brave, Soar and Mehr were a match made in heaven so I just had to get both!

Mehr is actually my first matte formula lipstick from Mac and it definitely lived up to the expectations, if not more! Mehr is such a lovely dark, dusky pink shade making it perfect for those days where you want to look like you've made a bit more effort but it's still quite everyday. Paired with Soar I wore it to work and it lasted pretty much the whole day with me only needing to touch up after lunch! I was so impressed with the staying power.

Both products are creamy in consistency which I think is why they work so well together and one thing I really loved was how the duo gave me a fuller pout, I guess that's why they're a fave of Kylie's! I can see this duo becoming a go-to for me whether it's a normal day or for a night out, it's such a versatile shade!

Have you ever tried Soar or Mehr? What's your fave Mac lippie? Let me know in the comments!

Lucy x

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  1. I love MAC Whirl & Velvet Teddy so I might have to go and look at these as they look right up my street! xo

  2. This exact combo is also one of my favourites, its such a gorgeous colour on!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  3. This is such a lovely combination, everyone raves about it like you say. I can imagine this really suiting you Lucy! xo Beth |

  4. Oooh I think I know what I'm buying when I get my next big paycheck. :D

  5. Oooh I think I know what I'm buying when I get my next big paycheck. :D