Trying Out Kocostar's Rose Flower Mask Sheets

1 February 2017

Do you ever come across something that looks so intriguing that you just can't leave the shop without it? This rose petal face mask was one of those things!

While shopping in Urban Outfitters around Christmas time I spotted a stack of face masks while waiting in line and I just had to pick one up to try for myself, I've never seen any face mask like it!

To start off, this isn't really a face mask, it's more like lots of little ones.

The rose petal sheets are kept in rose scented oils and I must admit I don't normally like floral scents but I actually quite liked this one. Priced at £4.50 I thought it was a little pricey considering you only get 12 petals (6 petals on 2 sheets) and I'd only be getting one use out of each sheet, but I wanted to see if it was worth the hype as I've started to see these masks everywhere lately.

I dotted 6 petals around my face in the areas that I felt needed the most attention and left them on for around 25 minutes as the suggested time is 20-30 minutes.

I'm not going to lie, I actually found this product a bit of a let down. One thing I really didn't like was how messy these sheets are. As they are kept in oils you have to stick your hand in the packet just to get them out, and then when applying them they're very slippery and shift about your face, even falling off once or twice. This also means that you can't seal the packet back up to keep the masks fresh as the oil gets everywhere. I also didn't see much of a difference after using them, my skin did look a little brighter and healthier but overall I wasn't blown away. I feel like I can get results just as good from the good old 99p face masks from Boots.

I'm disappointed these face sheets didn't work for me as they seem to be getting popular, but maybe they just didn't work with my skin!

Have you tried out any of the sheet masks from this brand?

Lucy x

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