Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Mini Mattes

28 March 2017

Ok, so I know I'm a bit late on this one! But truth is I took pictures for this post as I was planning to post it last month, but then life got a bit crazy and I completely forgot about them, ooops. However, these products are too good not to share, so I'm finally putting this post up!

After missing out on Kylie's Christmas mini mattes bundle, I was over the moon to have bagged myself the Valentine's version! Featuring some new exclusive shades, some limited edition, and some classic faves, I couldn't wait to get swatching when they arrived.

L-R - Apricot, Maliboo, High Maintenance, Posie K, Head Over Heels, Mary Jo K.

The new shades included Apricot, High Maintenance and Head Over Heels. Apricot has got to be my fave out of the bunch so I'm buzzing Kylie's made it a permanent shade in her collection, and I also love High Maintenance as it's a lovely mauve-y bubblegum colour that's not too 'Barbie' pink.

The other shades were made up of Maliboo, Posie K and Mary Jo K. I already had Mary Jo K so I knew that I liked that, but I'd also been wanting to try Maliboo and Posie K for a while, especially after seeing how amazing Posie K looked on my friend Beth from Polished Couture. Although on Kylie's Instagram pages Maliboo looks like a pale pink nude on others, it's quite brown toned on me. However, I still love it all the same, it's fab for a more grungy look. Posie K is also I lovely pink with purple tones, I think it will be lovely in the Summer.

I'm so glad I got these mini mattes, I think I paid around $35 for them which if you think about it is so worth the money as it's $5 dollars a shade, and not to mention their packaging is absolutely stunning! I also think mini's are a good way of trying out lots of different colours at once if you're not sure which shade you want in full size. Kylie's formula in matte liquid lipsticks is also one of my absolute faves so I knew I was going to love them.

Have you ever tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics?

Lucy x

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  1. I've not tried anything from the Kylie range, as I don't think I can handle the custom charges! I love how you've done the swatches they're so cute!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

  2. How did I not know about this set? I feel like I'm the only beauty blogger who hasn't tried the Kylie matte lips but WOW Apricot, Maliboo, Posie K and Mary Jo K all look so gorgeous and perfect for summer! xo

  3. I'm still desperate to order some of her lip kits! Is there a shade/colour you would recommend for me? xxx