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25 May 2017

I've always loved trying out my favourite youtubers' collections, it's fab when you get to try out something when someone who's personal style you love has created a product, and Tanya's products have been some of my favourites throughout the years.

This month Tanya announced that she was releasing a Neutral Ambience collection to her range. It's one of her smaller ranges with it only containing 2 eyeshadow palettes and 2 lipsticks, but the shades looked stunning and right up my street (not to mention the fab prices!) so I decided to pick up the two eyeshadow quads My Escape and My Paradise and a lipstick in the shade Bear Hug. The other lipstick Sunday Walk was too pink for me.

Starting off with the eyeshadow quads. I'd tried an eyeshadow palette from Tanya's range last year, Enchanted Dream, and I loved it. I used it before a wedding when I didn't have much time to get ready so it was great for a quick eye look that still looked nice. First of all, Tanya's definitely upped her packaging game with these quads as they now open at the bottom of the writing instead of at the side (meaning the eyeshadow names were the wrong way round when opened) and they also feature a new magnetic close which I love. Also on the front there is designs matching the name of each palette, My Escape has palm tree leaves and My Paradise has pineapples. I feel like this really adds to the whole feel of the collection.

With the actual eyeshadows, they have that same creamy texture that all of Tanya's palettes hold which makes them super blendable. There's also a good mix between mattes and shimmers meaning you can create a lot of eye looks with them. My favourite shades out of the My Paradise quad are Tranquility and Miami Sunrise and my favourite shades from the My Escape quad are New Perspective and Wild Jungle. My Paradise is more warm toned and My Escape is more cool toned so there is something for everyone. Each palette features a little heart shaped mirrors too making them perfect for on the go.

Moving on to the Bear Hug lipstick, I'm actually quite disappointed! When I saw Tanya use it in a tutorial I thought it looked gorgeous and quite similar to my all time favourite lipstick Bitch Perfect from Charlotte Tilbury as it's a peach toned nude shade, but on actual application it was patchy and quite drying. I've tried on of Tanya's lipsticks before in Pink Cocoa which also had the same drying feel so maybe the formula just doesn't agree with my lips! I like lipsticks to be rich and creamy so I know I'm getting the pigment and moisture from them, but this just didn't give me that effect.

Overall I do love the collection. The eyeshadow quads are definitely the products I'll be getting my use out of and if you're thinking of trying the lipsticks then go for it! Just because they haven't worked for me it doesn't mean they won't for other people. Also, I love how student friendly the prices are, it was just £6 for one quad!

Have you ever tried anything from Tanya Burr Cosmetics?

Lucy x

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  1. I love the look of this range! The prints on the actual products are so cute, and the colours are gorgeous too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. The eyeshadow packaging looks so pretty. I actually get on really well with Tanya Burr lipsticks - I find them hydrating and comfortable. I have her other eyeshadows but find them slightly patchy and disappointing. Really interesting to read other peoples's opinions! Lovely photos and great review x