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15 June 2017

If you're into your make up like me, then you'll have almost definitely heard of Colourpop. It's hugely raved about among Blogger's and Beauty Guru's but unfortunately it's pretty expensive to get hold of here in the UK with it being an American brand, although the actual prices of the products are really budget friendly! So, when I saw that Colourpop had an offer on that offered free international shipping with all orders $30 and over, I jumped at the chance!

For $30 (which converts to £23.51) I got 2 liquid lipsticks, 2 eyeshadow pots, a highlighter and then Colourpop also threw in a free eyeshadow brush! How good is that?

Colourpop are definitely known for their liquid lipsticks, at just $6 each you can't go wrong! I decided to pick up shades Solow which is a dusky pink nude, and Mars which is pretty much neon pink/red! Solow is a lovely neutral shade that is fab for everyday, and Mars is a really cool bright that I thought would be good for Summer! I'm not normally a 'pink' pink kinda gal but this shade is more red than pink. It's very blue toned and is super vibrant, I can't wait to experiment with this shade! The formula is really pigmented and lasts pretty well considering the price point. They definitely don't last as long as my Kylie Jenner ones but all you need is a few touch ups every now and then and you're good to go!

Moving onto the eyeshadows. I picked up shades Drift and Paradox which are both warm burgundy red shades that I always see on my late night browses on Pinterest. Paradox is a matte shade and Drift has a metallic shimmer to it, making them match up perfectly. They're really pigmented and blend easily, and these products are priced at just $5 each.

The last thing I picked up was something I've tried from Colourpop before, a highlighter. I currently have Lunch Money and love the creamy and build able formula so I decided to pick up something slightly different with the shade Monster. Monster has an iridescent pink sheen to it when it hits the light which I love, I think it will be fab for festival season!

If you want to try out Colourpop but don't want to pay the huge shipping fees, I'd definitely suggest treating yourself next time they do an international shipping deal. They're so worth the money!

Have you tried Colourpop before?

Lucy x

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  1. your photography is insane!!
    Never tried anything from colour pop but I've heard their eyeshadows are amazing! xx

  2. I love ColourPop so much, but it's even better when you get deals like this! It's so good that you got the brush for nothing too! Monster sounds like such a gorgeous colour!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. Still haven't tried this brand, the products loook amazing! xx

  4. Monster is one of my favourite highlighters. I've recently hit pan on it which is so unusual for me! x

    Jordan Alice