Getting Lip Fillers: My Experience

17 July 2017

Soo.... I got something kinda crazy (by my standards that is) done. Yep, I got my lips done!

When Elle Aesthetics, located in Ingleby Barwick, reached out and asked if I wanted to try lip fillers, I couldn't resist the offer. A lot of my favourite youtubers/bloggers have them done and look stunning, so I thought I'd try them out myself as it's been something I've been curious about for a while.

On arrival, Lynn was warm, friendly and welcoming and I didn't feel nervous at all, not even about the needles! While I was signing a medical form, Lynn explained that she has been trained in lip enhancements for 10 years now, and used to be a qualified nurse and paramedic, so I knew I was in safe hands. I laid down in her beauty room and some numbing cream was applied, then 10 minutes later it was time! I didn't find it very painful, just a few stings, but it was over within a few minutes.

Lynn used Juverderm which is popular in lip fillers as it contains an ingredient that numbs your lips as it's getting injected, meaning it's pretty much pain free.

After the procedure Lynn sent me home with lots of aftercare tips including to ice my lips every hour or so, not to take ibuprofen as it makes the bruising worse, and not to apply any lip product on them until later on that night as used lipstick is obviously dirty and I needed to give my lips time to heal from the needles.

My lips went super swollen that same day, and a little the next day, but by day 2 they had pretty much gone down. I only had 1 bruise and they weren't very sore, so I think I had a pretty good healing process! My lips looked lovely and plump but not too big, which is exactly the look I was hoping for.

However, as the days went by I just couldn't shake the feeling that these lips weren't me, they weren't my lips anymore and I didn't really think I suited them. I've always liked to be quite natural and although they looked amazing, they just didn't feel right on me personally. So I got in contact with Lynn and she invited me back to get the fillers dissolved. When getting them dissolved I didn't get any numbing cream as it's a quicker procedure, but I didn't find the pain much more than what I did when originally getting the fillers done, so I think I must have a pretty high pain threshold!

I'm so gutted this didn't work out but although my lips looked amazing and plump, the fillers just didn't sit right with me. I'm the kind of person where I think that if you want to get something done and it will make you happier then that's great, go for it! But after this experience I feel like I messed with something that didn't need touching in the first place. But, you don't know until you try, right?

If you're looking to get your lips done or any other procedure and are located around the Stockton area then I would 100% recommend you go to Lynn at Elle Aesthetics. She was lovely and so professional throughout, you can totally tell how experienced she is.

Lucy x

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  1. they look brilliant! its something I've looked into but I just don't think id cope well with the pain I'm such a wimp haha! xx