Jeffree Star's Summer Collection 2017

7 July 2017

Jeffree Star is a name very well known within the Youtube/Blogging community. Partly for his scandolous behaviour and outgoing look, but mostly for his amazing make up skills and his brand, Jeffree Star cosmetics.

I've been an avid viewer of Jeffree's for quite a while now, his make up skills are above and beyond and I love how creative he is with make up. I've been wanting to try something from his brand for a while now but have been resisting because of the high price point. However, when I saw this Summer chrome collection I just couldn't resist any longer.

I bought from Beauty Bay and decided to get a liquid lipstick and a lip scrub to test the waters. I had high expectations as Jeffree only uses the highest quality of products himself, so I doubted he would settle for any less with his own make up brand, and I was right.

Starting off with the lip scrub, I did think the price was quite high at £12, but I've heard nothing but good things about this scrub and I needed a new lip scrub, so I decided I might as well try it. It was the flavour that drew me in the most as I got Orange Soda. I love anything orange flavoured and this tastes just like fanta, I love it! It's also a really summery flavour and the lip scrub itself leaves my lips feeling flaky free and super soft, so it's a winner for me! I also like how much product you get, the pot is quite big compared to Lush's, which is my usual scrub of choice, and the formula is less drying so you know you'll get more use out of it.

Moving on to the product I was most excited to try, the liquid lip! Liquid lipsticks have really grown on me, and it took me a while to decide which colour to try. At first I was leaning towards Butt Naked which is a gorgeous nude colour, but I eventually went with the shade Calabasas.

The colour looked quite similar to Mac's Mehr at first glance, but when applied it's much richer in colour. The formula is light yet pigmented, doesn't feel drying and lasts all day, even after a meal! The first time I wore this product was actually to a meal and I only had to top up a little bit after, and it topped up perfectly which is rare to find in a liquid lipstick without it caking up. I'll definitely be trying more of Jeffree's liquid lips in the future.

Have you tried anything from Jeffree Star before?

Lucy x

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  1. love the colour of the liquid lipstick, it really suits you! xx

    Soph xo |

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