Getting the Perfect Contour with Urban Decay's Shapeshifter Palette

15 November 2017

Contouring is such a huge step in make up now. I mean, who doesn't want perfectly chizzled cheek bones and a jawline to match? I know I do! So I was super excited to try out Urban Decay's latest edition, the Shapeshifter palette.

This palette comes in light-medium or medium-dark. Obviously, as I resemble Casper the ghost most of the time, I got the light one. It comes with a powder and a cream side which instantly drew me in. Having the option of a cream or powder contour all in the same palette is very convenient and I love that you get the choice of both. 

The cream contour side is fab, I've already tried it although cream contour normally isn't my thing, and it's amazing! It blends super easily and gives a really subtle contour. I also love the highlighting/colour correcting options on this side, great for dark circles!

However, the powder side is definitely my favourite! Again, the powder blends so smoothly and really easily. You don't need much product to get the result you want which I love as you know it will last you. The darker shades don't look muddy at all which can be a real problem with pale skin, and the lighter powder gives my skin a brighter, flawless finish. However, I'm not going to lie, the darker colour is a little scary! I think I'm definitely too pale for this shade but I'll hopefully be able to use it when I've got fake tan on. I've honestly used the powder set every day since I got it.

You also get a powder and cream highlighter! I'm not a huge cream highlighter fan as my make up base is generally quite matte and the two don't really mix, however I'm really interested to give this one a go. The powder highlighter on the other hand is already one of my faves, it's stunning! It's quite white which is perfect for pale skin and really stands out as the perfect, healthy glow.

And if all that wasn't enough, there's also a double sided mirror in the middle of the palette which flips sides depending which side you're using making this palette the perfect, compact set to take with you on the go. I'll definitely be taking this palette with me on my upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris in December. (Eek!)

I'm so glad I got this palette and I have a feeling it's going to be one of those products that I re-purchase again and again!

Have you tried Urban Decay's Shapeshifter palette yet?

Lucy x

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  1. This sounds like a really amazing set! I don't usually go for cream contour either, but it sounds amazing! Great post, and I love your photos too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I have heard so many things about this palette - but just like you, I am not for the cream contour. However, I love that the mirror separates the two different products and keeps things clean and tidy! It looks gorgeous on you!
    Amber |