How To: Up Your Photography Game!

19 September 2018

To me, pictures are a way to express my creativity and cherish memories & moments you want to remember. The lovely people over from Panasonic recently got in touch as they are releasing a new Mirrorless Camera which looks absolutely incredible, and it got me thinking that now I've had a bit more experience and I feel like I've gotten a lot better at editing that this would be a good time to share my best tips & tricks so you can make sure that your photos are one's to remember. The camera is the first step, the next steps are just as important... 


Something I've found is a massive game changer is getting my angles right. If I'm taking a flat-lay then taking the photo from straight above looks even and doesn't create awkward shadows or show more of some products than others. If you're taking a body shot try to include symmetry, this works great with scenery and makes the image more aesthetically pleasing to look at!

C A M E R A 

I know plenty of bloggers that just use their phones for blog pictures and I do that too sometimes as it's quick, convenient and you can get some great quality pictures with how advanced phone cameras are now. However, if you have a camera it's important to think about using different techniques and lenses. I use a variety of lenses which is great for more focused shots. You can also achieve focused shots by playing with the depth of field by turning the aperture down which will blur the background making it look more professional and focused. 

E D I T I N G   S T Y L E

Finding your style when it comes to editing is so important if you want your content to stand out. Over my years of blogging I've tested a few themes and I'm pretty happy with how my Instagram in particular is looking at the moment. I've kept my Insta pictures following the colour scheme of pink, purple and blue hues in most of my pictures and I love how it's come together. In Autumn, however, I will be using yellows, oranges and browns to keep my content relevant and to keep it fresh! I've also learnt that brightness is good but too much can ruin the quality so don't go overboard!

M A K E   I T   I N T E R E S T I N G

Making a picture interesting will be what gets you engagement from your audience. Think about things like is there something to look at in the background as well as the foreground? Can you use a prop to add a story or more detail to the picture? The little details really make a difference.


Talking about props... props can be an amazing way to liven up your content and will give your audience more to look at therefore becoming more interesting, especially in flat-lays! And they don't have to cost much either. Some of my favourite props are from places like Dunelm, The Range, Home Bargains and even Poundland!

U P   C L O S E   &  P E R S O N A L

My final tip is probably the most important one and that is to make your photos PERSONAL! Whether it's editing them in a certain style or including props or backgrounds that you totally love, make sure they're unique, original and represent you!

So those are my top tips & tricks for getting the perfect shot! What are yours? I'd love to hear down below in the comments.

Lucy x

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* This post was sponsored by Panasonic but all thoughts shared are my own.