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16 December 2018

Who's ready for a few festive posts?! I know I am! Third year at Uni has honestly taken over my life the past couple of weeks, but I handed my last deadline in of this semester on Friday which means I FINALLY get to squeeze some Christmas posts in! It also means I only have 5 months of Uni left, H E L P.

I'm so glad I'm getting to do some Christmas content at last as it is my favourite time of year to create posts and photo's! I have baking and make up coming up, but today I have a lifestyle post telling you all how I get in the festive spirit, while showing off this gorgeous dress that Boohoo kindly sent me to feature! 


Whether it's my Uggs and a big fluffy coat or my new Friends themed dressing gown (Primark, you get me), I love layering in this chilly weather and feeling nice and wrapped up & cosy! With this cute little Boohoo dress I decided to team it with a white turtle neck jumper, tights and some grey boots with stars on them to add a bit of sparkle! I love how this look turned out and I feel like it's very Blair Waldorf which I'm obsessed with.


As soon as it hits 1st December my Christmas playlist is on, and it doesn't really come off. I listen to it when I'm getting ready for work, on the way to the gym... even in the gym! I just love Christmas music as it always puts me in a cheery mood and I love having a good sing song about an imaginary boy who broke my heart last Christmas and having a little shoulder shimmy to Santa Baby. 


Buying presents is honestly one of my favourite parts of Christmas because I love picking out things that I think will put a smile on someone's face. And then of course, I get to wrap them all! I haven't wrapped my presents yet but I'm definitely having a cute colour theme and those ribbons where you run the scissors along them to make them go curly. That's right - the whole shebang! 

H O T  C H O C O L A T E

Ti's the season for a hot chocolate or five! I love a good hot chocolate when I'm settled down at night with the fairy lights on and watching a Christmas film (usually The Holiday, Love Actually or The Santa Clause). I like to experiment with mine so sometimes I add a flavour such as peppermint or I even have white hot chocolate! I also looove the hot chocolates from Costa's festive range, the Black Forest one is my fave!

S P E N D I N G  T I M E  W I T H  L O V E D  O N E S

Now that I have a lot more free time I'm making plans to spend times with the ones I love most. Christmas to me is about being with family & friends! My bestie Grace from Love Ellena Grace is home from uni, I'm meeting up with the lovely Beth from Polished Couture for a catch up with some Thai Food & some cocktails and then I'm spending as much time with my family as I can.

So that's how I'm getting in the festive spirit this year! What are your favourite things to do around Christmas to get into the festive spirit? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much to Boohoo as well for kindly sending me this lovely dress to feature, I'm in love with it and it's makes such a cute winter outfit!

New Christmas posts will be coming within the next few days so stay tuned!

Lucy x

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