The Ultimate Festive Peppermint Brownies

18 December 2018

If you can't indulge at Christmas, then when can you? I love to bake around Christmas time and not only are these brownies super easy but they also taste amazing! Keep on reading to find out how to make them...

So first of all, obviously, we need brownie batter. I usually follow Mary Berry's recipe but if you are strapped for time or want something easier then Betty Crocker's Brownie Mix's always work a treat. Once you have combined all the needed ingredients and you have your brownie mixture then add in a drop of Peppermint extract. I used the American Peppermint extract as it's a little sweeter but be careful not to go overboard as you don't want the mint flavour to be overpowering. Mix it in to the mixture and then pop it into the oven.

Once your brownie's are done they should have a crispy layer on the top but be soft and gooey on the inside. Take them out the oven and then make sure they are left to cool completely. Once they are cool then melt some chocolate and drizzle it all over the top of the brownies. I used dark chocolate to keep them rich, but I also think white chocolate would be lovely!

After you've done this, pop around 5 candy canes in a sandwich bag and crush them with a rolling pin until they are finely chopped (easy enough to eat) and then sprinkle them on top of the chocolate. You can leave them how they are at this point but I had some extra chocolate so I drizzled some more on and then sprinkled some icing sugar on top for good measure. I repeat, if you can't indulge at Christmas, then when can you?

After the toppings are on you can either eat them as they are or leave the chocolate to set and tah-dah! Super easy yet amazingly indulgent and tasty peppermint brownies. 

I think this has got to be my favourite festive bake to date! They just scream Christmas and they're the perfect treat to have at a Christmas party, or even just to make for fun! Will you be making these yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Lucy x

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