Life Updates with Lucy | #3

25 February 2019

It's that time again! I bet it seems like I've gone a bit MIA on this blog but there's been a lot going on behind the scenes, so I decided it was time to do another update post. So grab a cuppa, here's the low down...

Where do I start? Well, first off, I guess the most important thing that has been happening since new year is that I'm officially now in my last ever semester of university *sobs*. I'm honestly not ready to leave the student bubble. I don't want my friends to go back to their different parts of the country, I definitely don't want to say goodbye to my student discount and most of all, I actually have to decide what I want to do with my life. After a lot of thinking and um'ing and ah'ing, I've taken the decision to give full time blogging/youtube a go. I'm still going to have some sides hustles so I'm not completely going into the deep end but this is a leap I've been wanting to take for years and now seems like the perfect time to give it a chance. The idea really freaks me out but also really excites me, and I think that's when you know you're on the verge of something good.

I've also got another beauty pageant coming up, Miss North Yorkshire, in March. The lead up to pageants always seems so long but then when it comes round it's suddenly all systems go. There are 3 rounds on the night - the first round is a party style dress, the second round is a look of my choice and the third round is an evening gown. The look of my choice is going to be related to my blog which is super exciting and my evening gown makes me feel like Princess Mia when she went from an average student to a princess. I've also had the chance to fundraise for the chosen charity for Miss NY in the lead up to the final which is Zoe's Place Baby Hospice in Middlesbrough. I love that I get to raise money for such an important charity during this journey and I have a movie night themed event planned for 9th March so I'm hoping it's an amazing night and I raise lots of money!

On top of pageants I have also just joined a local modelling agency which is super exciting and I'm hoping it can bring me even more opportunities! This is one of the side hustles I was talking about, and I'm actually so proud that I can now say I'm part of a modelling agency. Growing up I was bullied for my weight and made to feel so ugly, so the fact that I am now pretty happy with how I look is a huge achievement for me and makes me feel that much stronger that I have risen above the hard comments and proved the bullies wrong.

So there may be a lot going on but don't worry, Just Lucy's Life is very much still in action! I'll be changing it up a bit this year with some fresh content both Beauty & Lifestyle, oh and the odd bake because we all know I love a good sweet treat! 

That's all for now but I'll see you on this little blog very soon, and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel as well as I'm now posting videos every Friday!

Lucy x

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