Feeling Fresh with Missguided Body Mists

16 March 2019

Spring is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited! I'm so ready for lighter nights, pretty flowers, sunny days and most of all, updating my fragrance for the new season!

I tend to change my go-to fragrance with the change of the seasons, so when Missguided got in touch and asked if I wanted to try their new body mists*, I was over the moon and couldn't wait to see what their new launch had in store.

Missguided has been one of my favourite brands for a long time now for it's fresh style and reasonable prices, so I was super intrigued to see what their body mists would be like after their 'Babe Power' perfume was such a hit, and I'm glad to tell you that they don't disappoint! I was lucky enough to receive both Instant Feels and Vibe Enhancer, and I love both of them for different reasons...

Instant Feels

"Don't panic, we caught instant feels too! The Instant Feels Body Mist is a light, fruity fragrance that combines raspberry, bergamot, patchouli and sweet vanilla."

I really did get instant feels for this fragrance. It's sweet and fresh yet holds a slight musk which I absolutely love as it makes it a good fragrance for both the day and night! So if you're a gal on the go and don't have time to freshen up at home before the evening, then this is ideal to keep in your handbag. It's also good for everyday when you don't want to use your 'expensive' perfume but still want to smell lovely.

Vibe Enhancer

"Let's keep it real, we're only here for the good vibes. Vibe Enhancer is a hypnotic scent of fruity apple, combined with strawberry, warm caramel and vanilla."

This is such a warm and sweet fragrance, and definitely a good 'pick-me-up' fragrance as the name suggests. If you follow me on my social media (@justlucyslife) then you'll know that I have a huge sweet tooth, but actually when it comes to sweet fragrances, they can be a bit hit and miss with me. However this scent isn't overpowering and has the sweet, fresh notes that it promises, yay! I'm popping this bottle in my gym bag to freshen up with after so then I can leave feeling (almost) as fresh as a daisy. Just what you want after a good workout!

To complete the collection there is also Unicorn Dreams and Boy Tears with every bottle holding 290ml of product for an amazing £10! I love that they're so reasonably priced as it's great for students like me. Each body mist has a different scent and vibe meaning there's something for everyone and they're so handy to have as a handbag staple.

I also love the design of the bottles and you can instantly tell that they are Missguided with the classic pink and silver colour palette and their simplistic style.

I am so happy to have discovered these body mists as I just know they're going to be used so much in the coming warmer seasons and probably even after that. Thank you so much to Missguided for bringing these beauties into my life.

If you're now thinking of trying these mists for yourself, which scent will be going in your basket first? Let me know in the comments!

Lucy x

*The items featured in this post were gifted to me. All views are honest and are my own.

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