Out with the Fake, In with the Real

12 March 2019

When people think of bloggers, most the time they will think of a picture perfect feed with a picture perfect life, but the truth is, nobody's life is picture perfect all of the time!

Creating pretty pictures on Instagram has always been one of my favourite things to do, and don't worry, they're not going anywhere! But I also want to introduce some of the realness. The everyday me. The day where perhaps my hair is just shot up into a messy bun. The days where I haven't had time to contour. The days where my outfit isn't fast paced fashion and I'm probably sporting a jumper that I've owned for a good 3 years. 

I scrapped having an Instagram theme at the start of this year and honestly? It's such a relief! Theme's look super pretty and I bow down to anyone who can keep up with one, but now I can post more of what I want to and I can post more lifestyle shots that beforehand wouldn't have fit my theme, so then my Instagram would go longer without a post and I'd then get stressed out that I had to create an insta-worthy look or flat-lay ASAP! This lead to me rushing work and posting pictures that I wasn't really proud of, which as a creator left me feeling really disheartened.

This is also a good way for my content to evolve and so you can get to know the real me. If I kept my content the same as I did when I first started, you would be seeing nothing but over exposed cuppa's and inspo quotes. Now I can still edit a picture so it looks aesthetically pleasing, but it doesn't have to be over exposed, a certain colour palette or a certain warmth.

That's also why I'm writing more chatty posts on this blog and why I'm going to be posting more 'girl talk' style posts, so that I can show more of the real me and the real thoughts that run through my head! I used to want to put a glossy coat over all of my blog and social media content, but it was actually stopping me from posting what I really wanted to which is so daft considering this blog is my creative outlet and I felt like I couldn't use it! 

I hope you'll all continue with me on this new chapter of Just Lucy's Life and enjoy all of the new content that is coming your way! Oh, and don't worry! The beauty posts aren't going anywhere. As Hannah Montana once said, you get the best of both worlds! I don't get the limo out front, though.

Lucy x

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