My Top Picks from Charlotte Tilbury's Best Lipstick Range

12 July 2019

I think Charlotte Tilbury will always be my favourite luxury beauty brand. Buying her products is always a real treat. In fact, I think my review of her 'Bitch Perfect' lipstick (which is still one of my faves years later) was the first luxury product I ever featured on my blog.

When I saw Charlotte was dropping another Hot Lips collection, I couldn't have been more excited. Her lipsticks are by far my favourite formula out of all the lipsticks I own (and that is a lot!) and every lipstick in these collections are inspired by celebrities, giving a true 'get the look' experience. 

Hot Lips 2 still features the signature lips printed in the lipstick itself and some gorgeous new shades from nudes to brights, but the most exciting thing about this new launch for me is the packaging. Each lipstick comes in a tube featuring different designs and the outside packaging has changed to slide out too, making the lipsticks feel even more luxury.

The really cool part about the new components is when you've finished your product you can take the inside part out and buy an in-fill for it, meaning the packaging doesn't go to waste and in the long run you will save money. The lipsticks are a little pricey, even for Charlotte Tilbury, as to buy in the designed tubes they are £28, but when you look at the plan for the packaging with in-fills costing just £19, the start off price does make sense.

Now - onto the shades I picked up! The first one that caught my eye was 'JK Magic' which is of course inspired by JK Rowling. This shade (top swatch pictured below) is a peachy nude with a slight rose tint and is like Bitch Perfect's older sister. The shade is basically a slightly darker and more bold version of Bitch Perfect, and I have to admit I think JK Magic has big potential of taking over as my favourite CT lipstick. I am also pretty in awe of the design on this lipstick. I love anything to do with stars and the moon, it totally captures the essence of the thing that JK is most known for, Harry Potter and magic, and it's even prettier in real life!

Then the next one that I picked up was 'Glowing Jen', inspired by the legendary Jennifer Aniston. This shade (bottom swatch) is described on the website as a 'tawny, beachy rose' shade and that really does hit the nail on the head. Although this is technically a nude, the flirty rose tone really adds a pop of colour to your look and could be used easily with a day time look or a night time full glam look. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this one and it could even be the lipstick I'll wear on my graduation day!

I'm so pleased with these shades, they're the perfect new additions to my ever growing CT collection.

Have you got your eye on any of the Hot Lips 2 shades? Or have you already tried any? Let me know in the comments, let's talk lipstick!

Lucy x

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  1. What gorgeous shades, and packaging! LOVE the JK Rowling one x
    Amber |

  2. What beautiful colours! I've got my eye on a few shades from this collection, and I may have to add JK Magic to the mix too, as that looks like such a beautiful nude xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. I still haven't tried any of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, I love the look of these and the packaging is so pretty! x

  4. The packaging of this lipstick looks amazing enough. I love the kiss design on the lipstick itself.

  5. oh my god this packaging is absolutely beautiful!! I need them in my life, and I love that you can reuse the packaging, it's so gorgeous it would be such a shame! glowing up gen kind of reminds me of a glossier version of bond girl, will be beautiful for Autumn! xx

  6. Where can I find pictures of you wearing these shades? They're soooo gorgeous and I think we have similar skintones so I'd love to see them on!