Tati Beauty Neutrals Volume 1: My Thoughts

5 June 2020

When a Youtuber brings out their own product it can either be a flop or a hit, so when I heard that Tati Westbrook was finally bringing out her own product, after having previously not collaborated with one beauty brand despite her huge following, it's fair to say that I was intrigued.

Tati Westbrook has been one of my favourite beauty Youtubers for years, I always feel like I can trust her to give a true, in-detail review of products and her make up always looks so flawless, so when I heard that she was finally starting her own beauty brand I was over the moon. 

Tati's first launch was the Neutrals Volume 1 palette - something I feel like the beauty world was crying out for. In the past few years the beauty industry has seen eyeshadow palettes with every shade of the rainbow, which I love but personally I don't wear bright colours everyday. So I was thrilled to hear that Tati was bringing out a palette full of wearable neutral shades, with a twist...

There a 6 shades in total - Memory, Ritual, Story, Soothe, Aura & Poet. Each shade also comes in 4 different finishes - Matte, Sequin, Metallic & Glitter. I love the idea of different finishes of each shade, you then know you have the perfect shimmer shade to go with your matte, but they also mix and match really well.

The matte shades are gorgeous, they're buttery soft and blend so well. Each shade seems to compliment my eyes really nicely. You also only need to lightly dab your brush in the pan and you get major colour pay off as they're so pigmented, so you get more use for your money. I'd go as far as to say they are the best matte formula in eyeshadows that I have ever tried, even competing with my beloved Jeffree Star palettes, and as you can see the shade Soothe is definitely my most loved. 

The sequin shades are so unique and different to anything else in my collection. Each one features the matte shade with bright, glittery specks throughout, perfect for when you want a bit of sparkle without going full on metallic. The shade Poet especially stands out to me with a pink base and blue toned glitter, and also Aura with a light peach coloured based and pink glitter. The only downfall about this shade is that although I've never tried it myself, apparently if you try to blend out the sequin shades the glitter can go.

The metallic shades are probably my favourite finishes in this palette. My go-to's are Ritual and Story, they are perfect on the lid for an everyday soft glam look. They look so pretty when the light catches them and all shades really make your eyes pop. Aura in Metallic is also lovely on the inner corner of your eye and on your brow bone. 

The glitter shades are super bright and eye-catching. I must admit, they don't apply perfectly, there can be a bit of fall out, however that's to be expected with a chunky glitter formula so compared to others of that kind of formula that I've tried in the past, they are probably the best - and you don't need glitter glue to make them stay, just a spritz of setting spray. I used the glitter shades on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and NYE and I felt like they were the perfect sparkle for a special occasion or a full glam look.

Moving onto the packaging, the palette offers a very luxurious feel with a soft matte texture and it's sleek, slim package, although soft matte is hard to clean so the palette can end up looking quite dirty quite fast, but that's not something that bothers me personally. I love that on the edge it says 'Tati Beauty Vol 1', I can imagine that looking amazing with palettes stacked up next to each other, almost like a book collection, as the range grows. There's also a decent sized mirror that covers pretty much the whole inside of the lid on the palette making it great for travel or on-the-go. 

Overall, I really love this palette and it has quickly become one of the most used in my collection. From a natural day time look to a full glam night time look, this palette has it all. I can't wait to see what else Tati has in store for Tati Beauty.

Have you tried anything from Tati Beauty yet, or would you like to? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Lucy x

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  1. The glitter shades look so gorgeous! That pigmentation!!!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    1. They're so stunning, and look even better in real life! X

  2. I must admit that I've never watched Tati, but this palette sounds amazing! I'm not much for orangey shades which is the only reason I haven't bought this, as the quality sounds incredible!xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1. I'd definitely recommend her channel if you like make up, and yeah the quality is amazing! Hopefully she brings out some more shades soon xx

  3. This palette is so gorg and it is definitely up on my wishlist after reading this!
    Grace xx