Five Disney+ Original Shows You Need To Watch

8 July 2020

As if my love for Disney wasn't already big enough, Disney+ has definitely only made that love grow. Although there's plenty of magical movies and Disney Channel old favourites to catch up on (I've already gone through Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody), one thing I have been loving is the original shows, so here's some of my favourites that you need to add to your watchlist...


Ah Disneyland, somewhere that instantly feels like a home away from home. This docu-series follows the journey of the Disneyland parks, from Walt's initial idea to build a park that brings magic to life, to seeing the parks we all know and love today. It also shows us the hard work that is involved in creating these parks from the 'Imagineers' - Disney's version of engineers. I really enjoyed seeing the thought process behind certain rides, the decision making on how the parks are laid out to make visitors feel like they are in a familiar yet new space, and most of all how the main motive behind anything Disney is creating happiness. If anything, this series has made me even more eager to book my next Disney trip.

F A I R Y T A L E    W E D D I N G S

This series is so cheesy but definitely a guilty pleasure. Fairytale Weddings is a series that follows couples who have their wedding at Disney parks around the world, and some of the productions that Disney can do for these couples to make their wedding day truly magical is just out of this world. My favourite features so far are a full light show on the Animal Kingdom tree after the couple were officially announced man & wife, and also the lucky couple that had the fireworks show put on just for them in a private viewing in front of the castle.

A S S E M B L I N G    A    U N I V E R S E

If you're as big a Marvel fan as I am then this short documentary is definitely for you. This feature runs through the journey of bringing the Marvel universe together and how they cleverly interlinked every storyline of the Marvel superheroes to ultimately lead up to the Avengers. I also discovered that Jon Favreau, who played Happy in the Iron Man films, actually also directed the first and second Iron Man film, I can't believe I never knew that! Although I think this documentary was made a few years ago as the timeline ends at the first Guardians Of The Galaxy, I'd still recommend it. Fingers crossed they do a follow up talking about the Thanos era and the lead up to it!

I N T O   T H E   U N K N O W N  :  M A K I N G   F R O Z E N   2

I binge watched this series in a full day. Frozen is without a doubt one of my favourite Disney creations, and this docu-series takes us behind the scenes following the count down to the release of Frozen 2. You see everything from the actors recording their songs/lines, the story writing, the animation process, the problems the faced, the motive behind certain scenes and songs, the character building - everything! I loved seeing how they created the magic of Frozen 2, so if you love the films as much as me then I would definitely recommend you check this one out. 


I didn't know what to expect from this series but I was pleasantly surprised. Each episode is only about 5 minutes long but focuses on only the relaxing sounds and animations from Disney films, old and new. ASMR isn't usually my thing, but I found these episodes great for when I was having a stressful day or if my anxiety was flaring up, as it makes you sit down and really focus on your senses, and I did feel a lot more 'zen' after them.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your next Disney+ watch, I can't wait to see what else they bring out in the Disney Original genre.

What's been your favourite thing to watch over lockdown? Let me know down in the comments!

Lucy x

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  1. I loved the Imagineering Story it's an amazing way to see the behind the scenes. I hope they make more as the years go past. The Wedding one sounds like such a lovely watch xx

    Hannah |

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