Revolution x Friends Series 2 Collection | Gifted

9 November 2020

Could I have BEEN more excited when I heard Revolution were releasing another Friends collection, but this time bigger and better?! I don't think so.

I tried a few bits from Revolutions first Friends collab and was totally obsessed, so when they reached out and asked if I wanted to try their new 'Series 2' collection, I was so excited! And let me tell you, they definitely stepped it up a notch or 2...

Let's start off with the eyeshadow palettes. I was so impressed with the packaging on first glance, for a drugstore brand it really is incredible and so creative! There's one in the style of the classic yellow 'peep hole' frame on Monica's door, a 3D design of Phoebe's taxi and a lobster themed palette in honour of Ross and Rachel. Each palette has a great mixture of mattes and shimmers, so if you only wanted one you would still have the option of being able to create a subtle daytime look or night time glam. 

Each palette has a different colour scheme; the taxi palette has more blues and cool shades, the lobster palette has reds and warm shades and the frame palette has more pinks and purples. However, each palette also has a range of neutrals in mattes and shimmers so if you didn't fancy playing with colour every day then the option for a neutral look is still there.

The shade names are also one of my favourite things about these palettes! My favourite names have got to be Nubbin, Beef Trifle, Dr Drake Ramoray, I Take Thee Rachel and the 'You Ate My Sandwich' trio.

It was a huge surprise to find out that some bath fizzers were included in this collection! I think this is a new addition to Revolution's ever growing product range so I'm really intrigued to see how they work. There's 4 fizzers in this collection, a marshmallow scented mug, a lavender scented Marcel (Ross's monkey), a strawberry scented lobster and a mango scented taxi. At £5 each these would make great stocking fillers or secret santa presents, and the packaging is just so cute!

And of course, what would a Friends collection be without some coffee themed products in honour of Central Perk?! I've actually never had coffee scented skincare products before and I've apparently been missing out. I knew that coffee scrubs have been a trend for a while as coffee is amazing for exfoliating the skin and can also naturally firm the skin, so I can imagine this ingredient in a body butter as well makes a winning combination. And I haven't even got on to the best part yet... the coffee scrub comes in a REUSABLE COFFEE CUP! Such a genius idea.

However, my favourite products in the Central Perk inspired range has got to be the latte flavoured lip mask and lip scrub. These could not have come at a better time for me. This time of year, when the weather starts to turn cold, my lips need that extra TLC to stay plump and moisturised, so this dream duo have become part of my holy grail routine. 

I use the Vanilla Latte lip scrub to exfoliate my lips and scrub away any dead or dry skin cells, and it leaves my lips really plump! I then go in with the Caramel Latte lip mask to keep them moisturised throughout the day. I think these products are great for the price of £5 each. The pots have a very luxurious feel as they are made of glass, you get a good amount of product and they taste and smell incredible.

Overall I think this is one of my favourite make up collaborations ever and I'm obsessed with everything! Thank you so much to Revolution for sending me over this amazing bundle and letting me try their new releases. 

What did you think of this collection, what's your favourite product? Are you going to pick anything up? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Lucy x

*Products featured in this post were gifted, however all opinions are my own and reflect my true thoughts on the products.

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