31 August 2016

Life Update #1

Hi, hello, it's me! I'm back.

I feel like it's been forever since I last sat down with my laptop and a cuppa tea to write a post for you all, but this Summer has been pretty crazy! So I've decided to write a little 'life update' to let you all know where I'm at and why I've been a lil' AWOL.

So, in August alone I've been away 3 times. I went on a week away with my Dad and Brother to Swanage, a week away with my Mum and Brother to Scarborough and then I went to V Festival! Obviously my family holidays were lovely and I loved getting to spend some quality time with my fam, have a bit of a chill and eat ice cream to my heart's content, but I have to say that V Festival has got to be the highlight!

My first festival. The lead up brought a mixture of excited and nervous feelings. I was so excited to experience my first festival as anyone who knows me knows that concerts are my happy place, and there were going to be so many amazing acts all in one place, but it was also my first time camping in a tent. I didn't find sleeping in a tent as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I was a bit anxious on the first night being in such a different environment with loads of drunk strangers around me and the tent conveniently decided to start flooding after all the heavy rain, so it was an experience to say the least! But I got through it, and had the most amazing weekend. V Fest is probably the highlight of my year so far, it's something I'll never forget and I got to see Justin freakin' BIEBER! I may have screamed. Ok, who am I kidding? I screamed like a 5 year old on Christmas morning, no shame.

In between my time away I've been working all the extra shifts I can, so as you can probably tell that's left me with very little time to sit down and snap some pictures or write up posts. I'm hoping that when I go back to Uni next month I'll be able to get back into routine and stick to posting on certain days, but for now I'm going to post whenever I can and enjoy the little bit of Summer I have left.

Even though it wasn't much I hope you enjoyed this little update and make sure to follow me on all my social media (@justlucyslife for everything) to keep up to date with new content, I have lots of post/video ideas lined up!

Lucy x

10 August 2016

GUEST POST | Beauty | The £1.99 Face Product You Need To Know About

Hello you lovely lot! If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (justlucyslife) then you'll know that I've been pretty busy throughout the end of July and this month so far. As I'd already been away for a week without blogging (having no wifi has its good and bad points!) I decided to ask if any fellow bloggers wanted to feature on Just Lucy's Life. I love guest blogs as I think they're a great way discover fab new blogs, and today's is definitely a good one! Unfortunately I had planned to have a guest post every other day this week but 2 people have let me down. However, today's post from the lovely Sarah from Plain Sarah Jayne will definitely more than make up for it! See for yourself:

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Sarah Jayne and in the blogosphere I’m known as Plain Sarah Jayne. While Lucy is currently relaxing in the sunshine, I’m here to share with you a beauty buy I think you’ll all love.

When it comes to foundation, I love a full coverage. Seriously the fuller the better, the more the merrier, however, it’s getting warmer now and because I work in an office with a glass roof, my face is basically starting to melt off during the day (yeah, not a nice look!)

While searching for a lighter foundation, I ended but buying a tinted moisturiser from Natural Collection and I have to say it pleasantly surprised me. Normally I wouldn’t look twice at a tinted moisturiser, but seeing the campaign my friend Megan Jane Lillie did for Natural Collection and the fact it’s only £1.99 I thought I would give it a go.

Although the tinted moisturiser offers a light, sheer cover I was surprised to find the product was quite thick in consistency. After applying it with my foundation brush I was really happy to find that it wasn’t as light as I thought it would be - it actually gave me some coverage.

It applied rather nicely too with no streaks or brush lines. I wouldn’t say my skin looked flawless because it’s a light coverage, however, for someone who loves a full face I actually quite liked the end result.

I picked up the shade fair and it’s a little too dark for me, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise because it’s tinted - dur Sarah. Anyways, after blending it down my neck and applying a little bronzer my face actually had a lovely glow about it. And believe it or not I even got a couple of compliments asking what I’d done differently - oh yeah.

For all you beauty lovers out there who love a light coverage or are looking for a tinted moisturiser to take away on holiday I would definitely recommend this. Plus it’s £1.99, so you seriously can’t go wrong.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the Natural Collection range? Have you tried any other products from Natural Collection?

If you want to see more from Sarah then you can find her here:

Twitter - @Sarah_Adams24
Blog - www.plainsarahjayne.com


6 August 2016

My July Favourites

How the heck is it already August?! This Summer seems to be flying by and even though I love a good baggy jumper and beanie hat combo, I'm not ready to go back to dark nights yet.

So while I'm just about to head off on holiday with my mum and brother for a week, I thought I'd share with you my July favourites. I've done a few favourites posts here on Just Lucy's Life before, but this time I decided to bring my monthly favourites to you in the form of a Youtube video! Although I'm still trying to get into the swing of it, I'm really enjoying this whole Youtube thing!

So, here it is, my July favourites. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you've been loving recently!

Lucy x
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