31 December 2015

A Reflection on 2015 & Aims for 2016!

Ok, seriously, where has 2015 gone?! I don't know about you but this year seems to have flown by for me.

2015 has been an alright year. Not an amazing one but not a bad one either. However, I feel like a lot has changed this year. I finished my…
22 December 2015

Christmas Day Outfits '15

Ok, so first of all, I'd like to apologise for not posting in a few weeks! Long story short, I underestimated how much Uni deadlines would take over my life. Sadly this meant that I had to prioritise my work and push the blog posts aside. I'…
2 December 2015

Gift Guide for Girls Under £10

First of all, I can't believe it's December! Say whaaat? This year seems to have flown by for me and I can't believe we're now in the last month of 2015, crazy!
Second of all, December only means one thing...we're officially on …