24 March 2019

What is SHRED at DW Fitness First in Middlesbrough?

I never thought I'd be the 'I'm just off to the gym' person, a person who could be on a fitness plan and stick to it, or even just a person who could actually pick up a weight and move it quite well. But the gym has become my happy …
16 March 2019

Feeling Fresh with Missguided Body Mists

Spring is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited! I'm so ready for lighter nights, pretty flowers, sunny days and most of all, updating my fragrance for the new season!

I tend to change my go-to fragrance with the change of t…
12 March 2019

Out with the Fake, In with the Real

When people think of bloggers, most the time they will think of a picture perfect feed with a picture perfect life, but the truth is, nobody's life is picture perfect all of the time!

Creating pretty pictures on Instagram has always been one of…