Why I'm Loving Being Single!

14 February 2018

As it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd do a relationship related post as Valentine's isn't just for couples! Truth be told? I'm loving being single! And yeah I don't have a lad buying my presents on Valentine's Day but do you know what I do have? Me, buying myself presents, and damn well treating myself.

I've never really been the type to need a boyfriend. I'm quite an independent person and I enjoy having time to myself. Last year was a really weird year for me as for most of it I was in a relationship, but now I'm out of it I realise that's not what I wanted, and the relationship was over for a long time before it actually ended.

The 'honeymoon' stage ended pretty quickly and after that it was me being pushed to the side and a night out with the lads was more important than me, until eventually (or at least I thought eventually, turns out it happened a lot sooner) I was cheated on. That's probably the scariest thing about a relationship to me now is how good of a liar someone can be and how sneaky some boys can be to hide stuff from you even when you think you have full trust in them. I realise not all lads are like this and I know there's still some of the good guys left out there, but that's definitely something that's put me off having a serious relationship for a long time.

However, becoming single put the spark back in me that I didn't realise had dimmed. I'm not going to lie, I totally let myself go when I was in that relationship. I put on weight, I let my blog standards slide and I just overall totally lost focus of myself and what was important to me. Now that I'm single I've already dropped about half a stone, I'm getting back into the gym, I'm throwing myself into blogging, youtube & Uni and I'm making the most of my Uni experience. The most important thing to me at the moment is getting good grades at Uni (which I have been, wooop!) and spending quality time with my family and the craziest, funniest and best friends a girl could ask for, and I am so happy!

If there's one thing I've realised it's that the most important person you need to love you, is you. As cheesy as it sounds, I'm happier than I have been in a long time and that's all down to focusing on myself, bettering myself and getting that confident spark back that I lost before. If you're in a relationship that's absolutely amazing, but if you're not, that's also absolutely fine too! I know my Prince Charming will come one day and it will be amazing, but for now, I'm happy enjoying the single life.

Which kind of day is it for you, Valentine's or 'Gal'entine's? Let me know in the comments!

Lucy x

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  1. This post has come at the right time, I feel I can relate to this post a lot. The best thing about being single is having the time and space to find yourself and grow as a person. And as you said, the most important person you need to love, is you

    Fran | www.franciscarockey.co.uk