Grab A Cuppa: Don't Get Played, Gal!

7 June 2019

Hello, and welcome to my new series 'grab a cuppa'! I've been talking for a while about how I want my blog content to be more real, personal and authentic, so I decided to start this new chatty 'girl talk' series where I talk about all things girl talk including boys, friendships and general struggles we girls face in today's society!

To kick off the series, I present to you - a f*ckboy 101, if you will! I'm going to give you all my top tips on how to deal with those boys who mess with your head and how to make sure you're not getting too involved with a boy who doesn't have your best intentions in mind, because if there's one thing I've come across in my dating life it's definitely a few f*ckboy's!

Don't Ignore Warning Signs

You know, when you've just started talking and a few things he says ring alarm bells in your head but you just ignore it because you've just started talking and you think, eh, I'll see how it goes. But I'm here to tell you DO NOT ignore those warning signs! I'm not saying to pie a lad off over little things but something that bothers you now will most likely creep up and annoy you on an even bigger level in the future. Keep an eye out, gal.

Know Your Worth

Don't be chasing after these boys who don't treat you right, know your worth! If you know he's messing you about then don't put up with it. Either call him out on it or walk away, you deserve the best!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

If there's one thing I've learned it's that boys will say exactly what you want to hear until they get what they want, and then when the grafting has paid off and they have you in the palm of their hands, they run away faster than Usain Bolt. So, always remember, actions speak louder than words! He could promise you the world but until he actually shows how much he appreciates you then words don't mean much.

The 2-chance Rule

I came up with this rule for myself after being mugged off by the same boy over and over again for years in the hope that he would one day change. *Spoiler alert* he didn't! I know, I'm just as shocked as you are. So, when I'm talking to somebody new now I normally go by the '2 chance rule'. If he messes up once then it could have been something he regrets and wants another chance to prove himself or it could have been a misunderstanding, so I always give them a second chance. But once that second chance is blown? CYA.


Make sure that this boy you're crazy about is making you happy, not leaving you feeling not good enough. If he's the one for you then he will want to make you happy and feel special and won't give you mixed signals or let you think you're not good enough for him. Cos I'm here to tell you, you are definitely good enough! So make sure you're putting your happiness first.

Make Sure You're The Only One

If you've been talking for a while and things are getting more serious, it is so important that you make sure that you are the steak and not the side of fries. If he is talking to more than one girl, including you, then he isn't worth your time. If he wants you then another girl should not be on the scene, and things will get messy, so make sure you are the only girl he has his eyes on.

I hope you enjoyed these little tips and hopefully they help you be that strong, independent girl and stay away from those bad boys! Ugh, boys.

Stay tuned and follow my journey in this new chapter of Just Lucy's Life and as always a huge thank you to whoever has supported me so far, you're the best!

Lucy x

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