6 Steps I'm Taking for a Happier Me

29 January 2018

Self happiness.
It's something we all want and all work towards. Last year I lost myself a little bit and lost that spark I used to have which mostly came from my confidence going down. Don't get me wrong I was still happy, I just didn't necessarily feel like 'me'. So, now I'm single, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to focus on myself, my goals and getting myself back to the person I was.


But not in a bad way, in the way that I do what I want and I do it for me. Whether it's having a night in watching all 3 HSM films instead of having a night out, sitting down with my favourite scented candle on while binge watching Youtube videos, going on a night out with my girls or having a pamper sesh including a LUSH bath (obv), I've learnt that it's totally ok and pretty important to take time out for yourself sometimes.


So basically a big part of me sorting myself out is also sorting a routine in my life. I've been planning blog posts I'm truly passionate about and love to post regularly & throwing myself into my uni work to make sure there's no last minute stress. I've also been sorting out my room by throwing out old stuff/clothes to get rid of the clutter and eventually have a nice, tidy (totally instagram-able) room. Clean room, clean mind, right?


And of course as I'm throwing old stuff out, that means I'm making room for new stuff. I've been really focusing on stepping out of my usual outfit choice of an old baggy jumper and jeans (don't get me wrong, this is still a go to!) and experimenting a bit more with my outfits including introducing colour, patterns and accessories. I've also just recently purchased this gorgeous Michael Kors bag in the sale down from £320 to just £100 which I absolutely adore. I think it's so cute and it gives me vibes of something Lydia Millen would wear. I'm also absolutely in love with my baker boy hat from Topshop which is something pretty out there for me but I'm loving experimenting with my style.


This is probably the biggest thing that's making a positive change in my life recently. Last year I really let myself go and put on some weight which resulted in my confidence going down and I got stuck in a rut. But, starting the new year I've really stuck to eating healthy (with a cheat day once a week of course) and I can already feel a huge difference! I've already lost a bit of weight and I feel much less lathargic and more motivated. I've also been going to the gym/exercising 2/3 times a week and this has also made a massive difference to my body and mental state. I'm really loving exercising and I feel so much better after a good work out.


In life you will come across people that you just don't understand or get on with, and that's ok because you can't please everyone and some people don't carry the same good intentions that you might. However, something I've been focusing on starting from the new year is cutting the toxic people out of my life and ignoring the negative vibes. Trust me, you'll feel so much better for cutting those negative people out who are dragging you down, it's been like a weight off my shoulder to realise who's really there for me and who I really need in my life.


As I mentioned in my 'Why Blogging Isn't a Joke' post, blogging has become a huge part of my life and has been a constant positive source to me for the past few years. Although I've kept up with regular posts, this year I really want to put my all into this blog and only publish posts that I truly love and feel proud of. I run this blog as a hobby but I've seen a huge growth since this time last year, so the possibility of turning it into a little business for myself is a secret dream of mine.

So those are the main 6 steps I'm taking towards a happier me! I hope you enjoyed this more personal, chatty post as much as I loved creating it. I'm hoping to up my game in blogging including beauty posts and introducing more personal lifestyle posts more often as I love writing them.

What's something you do to make yourself feel happier?

Lucy x

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