My Top Tips for Flawless Make Up this Summer!

28 July 2018

Is it just me or does it feel like it's been Summer forever? It's like the ice age but the opposite version. There hasn't been a time in my life where the temperature has stayed in the high 20s for weeks on end, so I've decided it's time to share some of my top tips on keeping your make up looking flawless in this weather as this heat is a b*tch!

S E T T I N G   S P R A Y

An obvious one, but essential in this humidity. Setting Spray will help lock your make up in place even if you're a sweaty betty (damn you, humidity). I recommend Mac's Fix Plus or Urban Decay's 'Chill' version of their All Nighter spray as it actually has technology in it to help your face stay more chilled even when you're warm, meaning your make up will last longer.

G O L D E N   G L O W

Summer is the perfect time to get your golden glow on. Gold toned highlighters are perfect for the Summer as they warm up your face, look great with a tan and glow when the sunlight hits. My personal favourites are Fiji by Kylie Cosmetics and Whisper of Gilt by Mac.


Go minimal. Ain't nobody got time for full glam in this heat. I like to use minimal make up in the summer including substituting foundation for a tinted moisturiser or just concealer and powder, and I'll also go a lot lighter on mascara as that is the first thing to go when your face starts melting. Trust me, the panda look isn't great.

B R O N Z E D   B E A U T Y

Summer for me means bronzed make up. I tend to put on extra bronzer to really warm up the face. My favourite at the moment is Mac's Golden Rinse as it's the perfect texture, slightly creamy and not muddy looking. I also like to go for a light bronzey eyeshadow look with a matte shade in the crease and over the lid, then I'll put a bronze glitter shade over the lid to make it pop. Really simple but looks amazing.


If you still prefer a more full coverage look in the summer then baking is a great technique to use to make sure your make up is really set in place and lasts longer. And no, unfortunately I don't mean baked goods, but pilling powder on certain areas and letting it sink in for half an hour or so, then sweeping the excess away. I recommend doing this especially under the eyes and across your T-Zone as they are generally the places most likely to get oily or wear off.

So those are my top tips for flawless make up this Summer, but what are some of yours? Let me know in the comments and also let me know if any of these tips helped you!

Lucy x

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  1. Do you like the original all nighter setting spray from Urban Decay as well? Also, your makeup is literally perfection!!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. I couldn't be without a setting spray in this heat! I love the NYX dewy setting spray x
    Amber |

  3. Setting sprays are definitely an essential in this weather! I've not heard of the chill version of the UD one though, so definitely need to go and pick that one up!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. The chill all nighter spray really is a dream on a hot day isn't it? Also your brows are an absolute dream!

    Beth x