My Ultimate Travel Guide to Venice

13 July 2018

If you've never been to Venice before then this post will definitely make you crave to go! It's by far one of the most stunning places I've ever been and today I'm going to give you all my top tips I've figured out while I've been out here eating all the gelato and seeing all the stunning sights.

L I D O   D I   J E S O L O

We stayed in Lido Di Jesolo, which is just outside of Venice. I didn't know this until I came but Venice is actually it's own island and you have to get the boat into it. It's also super expensive to stay in so Lido Di Jesolo is ideal for location and price. We stayed in a hotel called Cavalieri Palace and I'd definitely recommend it. 

It's a four star family run hotel, the staff are all lovely and it's located by the beach, just a minutes walk outside of the main strip. They also have bikes to hire for free which we used a lot as the strip is huge so we got to see more and got there faster on bikes. It also had the option of reserving beds at the pool or the beach, the only downside is that you can't change once you've picked so if you picked the pool you'd just have beds at the pool for your stay.

The main strip in Lido Di Jesolo is packed with top notch restaurants (that do the best pizza's I've ever had in my life!) along with bars, ice cream parlours and shops. Top places I'd recommend would be Mucca Mia for Ice Cream, Crazy Cocktails for every flavour of cocktail you could ever ask for, and basically any restaurant on the main strip is 10/10, we didn't have find one bad one! The food wasn't too expensive either with most meals being 8-12 euros each, so that's another bonus of staying just outside of Venice.


We had to get a bus and then the boat taxi into Venice which was about an hours worth of travelling time, so bare this in mind before setting off if you have a tour booked or something like that. We booked 2 tours while we were here through Get Your Guide and Viator. These can either be booked well in advance or the day before, and be sure to check both websites to see which has the best deal. We got a tour of Venice for 1 hour 30 Minutes followed by a gondola ride for 30 minutes for around €40 euros each, which is amazing considering a gondola ride alone can be around €80 and upwards! 

The tour was interesting and our tour guide had a cracking sense of humour which made the experience so much better than it already was, and I found it really interesting to find out some of Venice's history. For example, I didn't know that Venice is sinking 12cm every century, the tour guide joked that Pisa only has 1 leaning tower whereas they have 12 but nobody talks about theirs. Top spots to see in Venice would be the Rialto Bridge, St Marco's Square, the Cathedral, Doge's Palace & the gondola bay outside the Hard Rock Cafe. 

T O R C E L L O ,  M U R A N O  &  B U R A N O

If sightseeing is your thing, then these are 3 Islands you don't want to miss. We got a tour of the 3 islands for the afternoon in a package deal for around €17 euros each. While in Murano we got to see the island for a short while and got a short tour of the glass making place which Murano is famous for, we even got to see a glass sculpture of a horse being made! Then we moved on to Torcello. Torcello was pretty but was the same as Murano in that there wasn't much to see, but this meant that the tour was well timed as you didn't need a lot to see everything. A must see in Torcello is the bridge on the way into the town centre, it was a great photo op. 

Then moving on to Burano, they definitely saved the best till last. Burano is filled with brightly coloured houses and is just gorgeous to wonder around. If you walk into the centre 2 minutes in there is a bridge where you can get a photo in front of the canal and the coloured houses. 

If you do stay in Lido Di Jesolo you can leave the tour at this point and get a boat straight back to Punta Sabbioni. This is what we did as not only is it easier than going back to Venice then getting another boat to Lido, but it also allowed us more time to stroll around the island at our own leisure.

We stayed for 7 days and I'd say that was probably enough as far as sightseeing and places to see go. One day we went to the Aqualandia water park which was fab, especially on a hot, humid day. Of you're up for a bit of travelling Verona and Lake Garda are about 2 hours away by train so there are also places you could travel to if you wanted a change from the hustle and bustle of Venice. 

T O P   T I P S

- Take fly repellant, the mosquitos are a nightmare! Especially in the evening.
- Get an all day pass for travel that includes bus and boat because you will most likely need both to get into/out of Venice, and it allows you take as much time as you want.
- Eat all of the Pizza & Gelato you can!!

I hope you enjoyed my first travel guide as much as I loved creating it, and hopefully there will be more adventures to come in the near future so I can do another one! Is Venice on your list of place's to go to?

Lucy x

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  1. Those photos are so beautiful Lucy!!
    I enjoyed reading :)
    And made me want to go to Italy now haha!!

    Claire xxx

  2. I went to Venice about 2 years ago.
    We wished we had stayed in Lido as it was beautiful and then so close to actual Venice, we stayed outside of Venice.
    Beautiful photos ♥

    Luke |Luke Heywood Style

  3. Gorgeous photos! The weather looks incredible too x
    Amber |

  4. Lucy, you looked like you were having the best time ever! Those photos really make me want to go to Venice, such a pretty place! Glad I've found your blog! xx

    ellie rose

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