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1 July 2019

Kylie Jenner's venture into the beauty industry has been quite a controversial one, but I have to admit, her make up products are some of my favourites!

Buying from Kylie Cosmetics is a bit tricky in the UK because you have to prepare yourself for custom fees (plsss sort this out already Kylie!) which is why I usually wait until there's a free international shipping deal on as the money you pay for the custom charges usually balances out to around what you would have paid for shipping. However, because of these fees I always like to make sure that I am SURE I really want the products I'm buying as it's got to be worth the money, so I'm here to tell you all of the Kylie products I've got that are worth splashing that cash for.

Velvets - $16

Although I wish I could get on board with Kylie's mattes, they just aren't my favourite. Her velvets however, are on another level. Not only do they give a mostly matte finish but they aren't drying whatsoever. I know that if some rubs off after eating or just during the day that I can top it up no problem and it won't layer or cake up. I really like Candy K in this formula, but I also love French Kiss which was part of the Kourtney Kardashian collab.

High Gloss - $16

I've just recently bought this product and I have to admit, I'm obsessed! I've actually pretty much finished my tube already. This gloss is not only hydrating and non-sticky, it gives the most amaaazing glow. I got the shade My Moon & Stars (kinda because it reminded me of GoT, I won't lie) and it has little flecks of sparkle in that in natural light just looks super glossy but when the sun hits you can see those little sparkles and it's gorgeous. It has a slight peachy/rosey tint so I tend to pair this with a liner, but I would definitely wear it by itself for a stunning, natural glow.

Lip Liner - $12

Kylie's lip liners are one of the best formula's I've tried when it comes to liners. They're creamy, super pigmented and last all day. I have a few shades but Coconut was my most recent purchase and also happens to be my favourite of them all. Candy K is also great for a more defined nude lip.

Blush - $18

I first tried Kylie's blushes when she released Winter Kissed in her Christmas collection which is a gorgeous pink and after that I just had to get another one so I got We're Going Shopping which is a really warm, peach toned shade. The thing I love most about Kylie's blushes is how pigmented they are, you literally need the tiniest dab and you will get amazing colour pay off, so I know they will last me for ages.


I've found some of Kylie's eyeshadows to be a bit hit or miss, but the palettes I love, I've really loved. In the summer 'Take Me On Vacation' ($52) is my go to. It's perfect for soft glam and bronzey looks but also has pops of colour here and there, just what you want in the Summer and it also comes with a double ended brush which I use. I also really like the 'Royal Peach' palette which has been discontinued now but there is the 'Peach Extended' palette which has the same shades ($45) and I also really like 'The Blue Palette' quad ($24) which was another product out of the Kourtney collab because it's really quick and easy.

Ultra Glow - $14

I only have one Ultra Glow but it is insane. I have the shade Fiji and with this product a little goes a looong way. It is absolutely blinding and perfect for a golden summer glow. I also use this in my inner corner and on my brow bone. The only down point is that it's a loose powder so can get a little messy but if you don't mind that then it's absolutely worth the money.

Brow Pomade - $16

Kylie has only just released her brow collection and I was in need of a new brow pomade so I decided to give Kylie's a go and I'm so glad I did. I'd say it's around the same size as the ABH pomade but this one actually works out cheaper, and I actually prefer this one! It blends out so easily while still giving nice coverage so your brows don't look too heavy and it keeps my brows in place all day. I got the shade Blonde and it's perfect for me so I would say if you're getting this product to be aware that they do come up a little dark as I would normally go for a medium brown.

So there you are! If you're looking to treat yourself to some Kylie Cosmetics products, those are my top recommendations!

Are you going to try anything mentioned in this post? Or have you got a KC fave I haven't mentioned?! Let's chat, tell me in the comments!

Lucy x

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  1. You've tried so many bits and pieces from Kylie! I love the formula of her lip liners, like you say. But I find the liquid lipsticks far too drying on the lips x
    Amber |

    1. I'd definitely try the velvet formula, I don't find it drying at all! X