My Top 5 Christmas Movies | Blogmas Day 2

2 December 2016

Christmas is my favourite time of year to have a cosy movie night as it means that I can finally watch all the Christmas movies I've been waiting to watch all year round. Today I've picked my top 5 Christmas movies to share with you all so you can join in the festive cosiness!

5. Bridget Jones - the only reason this is at number 5 is because technically I don't think it's actually a Christmas film, but I consider it to be as it's always shown around Christmas and Bridget and Mark Darcy kick off their romance at a Christmas party, so that's a good enough reason isn't it?! If you haven't already seen Bridget Jones then you need to put it to the top of your 'Need To Watch' list. It's a classic feel-good film that will have you laughing at the relatable character of Bridget and her mishaps, aw'ing at the cuteness of Mark Darcy and you'll also probs develop a crush on Hugh Grant.

4. Elf - is it really Christmas if you don't watch Elf?! Will Ferrell is hilarious as Buddy the Elf in probably the best Christmas comedy going, and I'm pretty sure he represents us all in Christmas spirit in the run up to the big day! SANTAAAAAA.

3. Santa Clause 2 - I love the first Santa Clause in this trilogy, but for some reason the second one takes the mince pie on this one! I watch this every Christmas Eve without fail, it's kind of become my own little tradition. Also, don't ask me why but I used to fancy Bernard the elf as a kid, shh!

2. The Holiday - With Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black all in one film The Holiday was always going to be a great one, and this is one of the movies I get most excited about watching each year. It's funny, romantic and an absolute must at Christmas. I also love that it's not just about the 2 couples that form in the film, there's so many lovely messages in it. I won't give too much away but Iris' 'gumption' moment is fab and Arthur's storyline absolutely melts my heart!

1. Love Actually - Of course, this was always going to take the top spot! Love Actually is so original and so cleverly done in the way that it follows so many story lines. This is another one that has great messages, some of the story lines will break your heart and some of them will make you fall in love. I just couldn't go through the Christmas period without watching it. (This is also another film that will probably makes you develop a crush on Hugh Grant). 

So there are my top 5 picks when it comes to Christmas movies, I hope I've helped you to add some to your 'To Watch' list!

What are your favourite movies to watch at Christmas? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear any suggestions!

Lucy x

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  1. Great choices! I've never actually watched Elf, but everyone raves about it so I'm gonna have to watch it soon. Santa Clause 2 is one of my favorites! It's not Christmas without those movies.
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

    1. Aw Elf is definitely a must watch for me at Christmas! And I totally agree with you I can't go through Christmas without watching them x

  2. Home Alone is my Christmas Classic :) x

    Jessica |

    1. Ah yeah that's a good one! I think the second is my fave x