Top Youtubers You Should Be Watching | Blogmas Day 13

13 December 2016

I can't remember the last day I went without watching Youtubers, I actually often find myself watching Youtube videos more than actual TV programmes. Since we're now coming to the end of the year (Christmas day is NEXT. WEEK. Whaaaat?) I decided to make a list of all the lovely Youtubers I've been loving this year.

Zoella - The queen of Youtube herself. I've been watching Zoella for countless years and her videos just seem to get better and better. I also feel like her quality of videos such as lookbooks have gotten way better as well. If you haven't seen a Zoella video before (which I doubt is the case for a lot of you) then you need to head over to her channel, I promise you'll never go back! Although, I do miss her make up tutorials, anyone else?

Tanya Burr - Tanya is also Youtube royalty and I feel like she's really found her own unique style in the past year or so which I love. Tanya's make up always look flawless and her make up tutorials are my fave, but I also love her hauls. Plus, her own make up range is stunning.

Jeffree Star - A bit of a controversial one, I know. I've only just started watching Jeffree Star in the past few months so I think I missed a lot of the drama and controversy surrounding him, but you gotta admit, that boy can blend!

Nikkie Tutorials - Another new discovery this year. I know, where have I been?! If you love make up then you will love Nikkie - she's funny, an absolute artist with make up and it feels like you're watching a friend!

The SacconeJoly's - I think I've been watching the Sacconejoly's for over a year now. They are an irish family made up of Anna, Jonathan, Emilia and Eduardo (and baby sacconejoly to be!) and I love watching their daily vlogs everyday. It's cute to see them film their journey as a family.

Freddy My Love - I've been watching Freddy's videos since she was at 20k subscribers and now she's nearly at 500,000! Freddy is super girly and feminine and makes me want to wear pretty clothes like her whenever I watch her videos! She goes for a super natural look with make up which I love, has the most flawless hair and is just a real life princess basically.

I hope you've found some new Youtubers to watch through this post. Which Youtubers do you love? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to find some new people to subcribe to.

Lucy x

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